5 questions about the future of design

What’s the most uplifting thing about the design business?

“The idea of new product development that can change the way we live is the most promising about being in the design business. As designers we really have the power to change things, create new brands, new products or new opportunities. There’s no greater compliment than to see a product we designed being used with a smile.”

What role will design play in our future?

“In my opinion, the design business will become ever more important if you want to keep making a difference and finding relevant solutions to new problems. The way to do this is by system thinking. The global market is growing at a fast pace making differentiation essential if you want your brand to get the right attention from the right customers. Many companies copy industry leaders and hope they will reach a similar success, but we see that this success is not a coincidence, but rather a long term strategic goal.”

Looking at the future of Edmire.Design, to where we evolve?

“We will keep focussing on our strategic design approach to create unique, successful products and brands for a diverse client portfolio, although with a key focus on sustainable design and circular design. Next to client work we will keep on creating spin-offs to keep us sharp and to make sure that every day stays an adventure. :)”.

What do you like about your colleagues, ‘team Edmire.Design’?

“We are a very young and ambitious team, but each person fulfils a key role to perform the work we do. What I like the most is that we all share a vision on the most essential aspects of life, and that’s also what Edmire.Design stands for.”

Edmire.Design is based in Antwerp, what’s your relation to this city?

“I was born and raised in Antwerp (Flanders, Belgium). Antwerp is a very interesting place to be right now. The city is developing fast as a creative hub but also as a technology hub.

It’s also my past, present and future. Although I take every opportunity to travel the world. This inspires me in many ways and triggers many senses. Understanding other cultures and different rituals opens your eyes and makes me wonder how this can influence my work.”


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