Redefining the office lunch


Time to lunch, dear co-workers!

Maybe this sounds familiar: every colleague rushes to the nearest shop, gets back to work and eats his lunch as fast as possible. Probably behind his own desk, checking those latest emails they haven’t had the time to respond to. Then it’s back to work, hardly having had the time to have a few words with other colleagues…

At Edmire, we take our lunchtime seriously! It’s a chance to slow-down, gathering round the table with our dearest colleagues. We feel it’s an important moment to have a good chat with everyone, sharing some thoughts on topics we love and discussing our shared interests. It’s exactly those moments that define a good working atmosphere and build a stronger workplace culture.

Local Antwerp Love

But where does our food come from? We we aim to get most of our food delivered by hyperlocal small scale entrepreneurs. In that way, we support local partnerships and help create a stronger local economy. It’s about creating a sense of awareness and pride of our Antwerp food scene!


Who exactly are our local food partners then? Firstly, there’s ‘Koriamber’, delivering fresh salad and soup jars, the basis of our daily lunch. Bread gets delivered by the fabulous ‘GROF Desembakkerij’. And last but not least, Joke Kapitän supported our annual christmas event with delicious catering!

So for those looking to send them a little love and are based (or passing by) in Antwerp, pay them a visit!

The Impact of our Food

There’s a number of reasons why we choose those local food suppliers, but the most important one is reducing our ecological impact. These initiatives share some interesting things in common: local resources and production, minimal food miles, bike delivery, zero plastic packaging, less food waste… It’s a sense of shared values and commitment to do better. And of course, local and seasonal equals healthy food, resulting in happy employees.

Besides that, we’ve chosen to ban meat out of our daily lunch. This no-meat policy is not something imposed, but grew organically out of a group (lunch) discussion. It’s a shared decision and everyone’s involved.

Indeed, we’ve come a long way. Once upon a time, it was an all-you-can eat meat buffet with a daily and exotic avocado… resulting in a weekly trash bin filled with plastics and food leftovers. Of course, this change didn’t happen overnight. It’s a step by step process, taking time, commitment and willingness to act for the better.

We’re already there, right?

Of course there are still actions that can be taken. Part of our food still gets delivered in a CO2 polluting van by the supermarket, but in the future we aim to eat absolutely 100% local, seasonal and plastic free groceries. Our ultimate goal is to end every week with absolutely no food (& plastic) waste. Products containing palm-oil, a substance whose production endangers our rainforests, should be eliminated from our table. Furthermore, we could lessen the amount of dairy products and offer more vegan alternatives.