Edmire Club: a knowledge sharing platform for sustainability & design


Edmire Club isn’t just another classic networking event. We started it in order to create a community that is looking for a platform to share knowledge about sustainability in the broadest sense. We want people to join our Club to exchange know-how, not just to connect with others for business purposes. It goes without saying that discussing sustainable projects and collaborations is encouraged. That’s our number one aspiration.

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Edmire Club #3: Make the shift

The third edition will be about sustainable behavioural change.
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#2: Sustainability as a Business Model

Based on your request, the second Edmire Club was all about sustainability as a business model. Three experts shared their knowledge on how sustainability is, can or must be implemented in current and future business models. 

We had another successful and inspiring evening thanks to the contributions of our guest speakers:

LUC THYS (soudal)



#1: Circular design

Because we, as designers, can have a great impact on pushing the linear economy into a circular economy, we found this topic extremely relevant for our Edmire Club kick-off edition. 

We must admit that this first edition did not miss its goal and we had a successful and inspiring evening thanks to the contributions of our experts in circular economy & design:

TOON WASSENBERG (futurehead)
MANU VOLLENS (switchrs)
TILLE LINGIER (redopapers)


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