Edmire Club: a knowledge sharing platform on sustainability & design


Edmire Club isn’t just another classic networking event. We started it in order to create a community that is looking for a platform to share knowledge about sustainability in the broadest sense.

We want people to join our Club to exchange know-how and encourage them to connect and discuss sustainable projects and collaborations. That’s our number one aspiration.

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Edmire Club #3: Make The Shift


Tuesday 17.09.2019 @ Plein Publiek

19h30: Doors
20h00 - 21h00: Talks
21h15 - 22h00 : Expert Advisory Panel

What is sustainable behavioural change? How can designers and businesses influence their consumers to make the shift to more sustainable consumption? Let’s find out together during our 3th edition of Edmire Club.

We invited 3 experts on this topic who will talk about their expertise in behavioural change and who will participate in an expert advisory panel to answer all your questions.



Expert Talks


Expert Advisory Panel

Nadja, Stefaan and Maarten will host our first Expert Advisory Panel and will try to formulate the answers to all your questions on sustainable behavioral change. 

Let us know what you want our experts to discuss. 
Mail your questions to charlotte@edmire.design



About the Venue

Event location Plein Publiek and community-center Circuit join their forces for bringing circularity closer to the (local) people. Plein Publiek is located in the brand new Antwerp venue Circulair Zuid, the venue of the future that will stimulate durable use of energy, water, waste and materials and encourages co-creation for a circular dynamic in this neighbourhood. The perfect location for an event about sustainable entrepreneurship!




Entrance is free but subscription required. Tickets are limited so please cancel your ticket reservation in case you might no longer be available to attend the event!






#2: Sustainability as a Business Model

Based on your request, the second Edmire Club was all about sustainability as a business model. Three experts shared their knowledge on how sustainability is, can or must be implemented in current and future business models. 

We had another successful and inspiring evening thanks to the contributions of our guest speakers:

LUC THYS (soudal)



#1: Circular design

Because we, as designers, can have a great impact on pushing the linear economy into a circular economy, we found this topic extremely relevant for our Edmire Club kick-off edition. 

We must admit that this first edition did not miss its goal and we had a successful and inspiring evening thanks to the contributions of our experts in circular economy & design:

TOON WASSENBERG (futurehead)
MANU VOLLENS (switchrs)
TILLE LINGIER (redopapers)


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