Harvey is all about nature in the heart of the city life. Giving small home or apartment owners the chance to grow their own veggies on any vertical surface. Is it your terras wall or your outside wall on the 20th floor? Harvey grows anywhere. 

The brand strategy is focussed on easy to understand brand and product range. Customers will easily identify to be Harvies!



The visual identity must convince the consumer that Harvey is an easy to approach brand. It's open minded, personal and fun. The yellow color accentuates the brand's innovative character. 



The product was especially designed for e-commerce purposes. The use of sustainable materials like wood, stainless steel and recycled plastic fabric, makes the product design fit the brand strategy. The flatpack packaging comes with handy tools for easy assembly and mounting.



Harvey was introduced to the public on a foodie party in the heart of Antwerp. This gave us footage which we used to direct the crowdfunding campaign.