Idea Proposal

Dear receiver, this 'shot-in-the-dark' is a collaboration request, to further develop this idea together. - Each week we select a brand we admire. This week it was yours.


The idea behind this display is that the baby is always dreaming 'care-free'. The baby is floating above the Aerosleep matras to accentuate that the mattress is airy.

“Our market study showed that >72% of companies struggle to develop relevant new products. That’s why we focus on quick identification of potential ideas, starting from the user’s perspective ”
— Vincent De Smedt, founder Edmire


Two ping-pong balls are presented in the separate compartments of a display. Both compartments consist of a push button to activate the air blower below the mattress shown. When pushing the Aerosleep button, the ball starts floating in the air. This accentuates that air is floating through the 'Aerosleep' mattress.



A glass half-ball is hanging in the retail space. Inside the ball a plant is growing. The glass half-ball is closed. The back of the 'half-ball' is covered with an Aerosleep matras. The story behind the display is showing that living things can survive off the air coming through the mattress.



A SUPER-BABY is placed on an Aerosleep mattress. The super baby's cape is waving through the air due to the wind coming from the fan placed behind the mattress. On the backside of the mattress you can clearly sea the baby's body through the mattress. The display is slowly turning.