During the design research phase, we discovered that >95 % of floor cleaning machines are used by woman… Unfortunately, the offering didn’t fit these users. That’s the strategic design approach and product placement we used for I-mop, making sure the product fits the target user with their specific requirements. Product interaction is key: ergonomic design with a touch of emotion and elegance.



In this case the client decided the branding direction and suggested a ‘friendly futuristic’ look and feel. We translated this in a fitting visual product language (logo and typeface).



The I-mop is a unique combination of product performance and elegance, perfectly fit for its target users. A balanced ergonomic and intuitive effort to make cleaning a pleasure instead of an annoyance. Technical engineering with an aesthetic and user friendly focus.



Supporting the sales we advised an approach to communicate about the product’s emotional value it generates. The product sales approach is emotional storytelling and product experience.