Office management intern.

Edmire is looking for a candidate who recently graduated or will graduate this summer as a Professional Bachelor in Office Management, or any other HR & administration related Bachelor, and who would describe themselves as:

  • a real people person

  • a structured and organized mind;

  • a Jack/Jacqueline-of-all-trades;

  • a fast learner;

  • someone with a ‘no problem, I’ll fix it for you’ mentality;

  • someone with a ‘Carpe Diem’-style of being;

  • someone people enjoy talking to.


Edmire is a young and dynamic design and innovation studio that creates atypical yet well thought-out designs with an eye for sustainability. It is Edmire’s goal to work towards a brighter environmental future. We believe that mindful design positively contributes to our planet, because everything we develop has an impact on days to come.

However, we want to be a holistic example in all corporate areas, not just when it comes to design. We therefore strive to obtain a B-corp certificate as a token of our values.

Our design ideas and concepts are backed up by a sustainable strategic vision, innovative ideas, and emotional storytelling. An enthusiastic group of ten designers – whom all have expertise in research and strategy, industrial design or brand design – work together as an ambitious team.
In addition to the development of personal projects, Edmire designs various products on behalf of clients such as Boma, Babymatters, Soudal, Leo Papers products, Greenspeed, Care.org, Future Cleaning Technologies ...


As an Office Management Intern at  Edmire you are responsible for creating and containing the most sustainable work environment for your colleagues. You are the right hand of the Managing Director. Therefore, you must know your way around basic finances and HR & social law. We are looking for a real hands-on person who gets excited from scratching topics of a never ending to do-list.

  • Finances: keep the accounting up to date (uploading missing documents in Yuki, weekly payment reminder, preparation of monthly invoicing, create budget overviews, insurances, ...)

  • HR: on-boarding of new employees & interns, keep Officient up to date, organize at least one team event, personnel administration, keep the team happy!

  • Communication: daily check of administration mailbox + answering phone calls

  • Orders: food, drinks and office supplies

  • Administration: create an inventory of assets, implement regulations for a safe work environment, update GDPR data register, ...

Tools you will learn to use: Yuki, Avaza, Officient, Acerta Connect, Google mail/drive/sheets/docs



  • You have a Professional Bachelor in Office Management or in Social Work (specialization personnel work) @ KdG, Thomas More, HOGent, AP, ...


  • You are hands-on, and a team player.

  • You are capable to convey your knowledge with flair.

  • You have an eye for detail and a healthy way of doing business.

  • You are a positive person.


  • Communicative

  • Organized

  • Empathic

  • Structured

  • Multitasking

  • Discretion

  • Proactive


  • Part-time BIS-contract (20h/week)

  • 500€/month

  • Fresh and healthy lunch every day

  • Bike for personal use during the internship


Interested? Send your portfolio, resume and motivation to jobs@edmire.design