Researcher & analyst.

Edmire is looking for a candidate who has at least five years of professional experience in research and business strategy, and who would describe themselves as:

  • an expert in innovative strategies;

  • a decision maker and problem solver;

  • a true team player;

  • a hands-on researcher;

  • a sustainability expert;

  • someone with a heightened sense of reality;

  • someone with a ‘Carpe Diem’-style of being;

  • someone people enjoy talking to;

  • someone who is mature in the workplace, but who maintains a young spirit;


Edmire is a young and dynamic design and innovation studio that creates atypical yet well thought-out designs with an eye for sustainability. It is Edmire’s goal to work towards a brighter environmental future. We believe that mindful design positively contributes to our planet, because everything we develop has an impact on days to come.

However, we want to be a holistic example in all corporate areas, not just when it comes to design. We therefore strive to obtain a B-corp certificate as a token of our values.

Our design ideas and concepts are backed up by a sustainable strategic vision, innovative ideas, and emotional storytelling. An enthusiastic group of ten designers – whom all have expertise in research and strategy, industrial design or brand design – work together as an ambitious team.
In addition to the development of personal projects, Edmire designs various products on behalf of clients such as Boma, Babymatters, Soudal, Leo Papers products, Greenspeed,, Future Cleaning Technologies ...


As a researcher at Edmire you are responsible for transforming research data into concrete product opportunities for clients. Therefore, you must know exactly how to turn the customer's vision and wishes into an innovative and exclusive product.

  • You work very closely together with your research partner and the two of you form a team that inspires and motivates each other. 

  • You know how to motivate your colleagues and how to work with clients in a thoughtful and enthusiastic manner.

  • You create and facilitate workshops and co-creation sessions.

  • You have the graphical skills to sketch your research results into a product blueprint. In only 1 graphic/slide you can reproduce the opportunity of the product to the client. You know how to inspire the client and know how to convince him of the results of your research.

  • You know your way around research methodologies and love to explore the market opportunities by going in the field. 

  • You’re an innovation and sustainability expert and you have experience in creating business strategies. You know exactly how those 3 elements can go hand in hand. 

  • You report directly to the Operations Director.



  • You have a M.A. degree. 

  • You have at least five years of experience as a researcher and/or business strategist. 


  • You are creative, hands-on, and a team player.

  • You are capable to convey knowledge in a mature manner with flair.

  • You have an eye for detail and a healthy way of doing business.

  • Speaking in front of a crowd does not intimidate you.

  • You are a positive person. 

  • You have a long term vision: you are capable to work on both quick win projects and  projects that run for several years and you look for a perfect balance between both.

dealing with customers

  • You know how to transform the client’s inquiry into a ‘why-how-what’ analysis.

  • You use research methods that always put the user first.

  • You are comfortable with organizing and managing workshops.

  • You are capable to translate  strategic issues and needs of the user into made-to-measure solutions.

researcher skills

  • You are an all-round researcher  who stands strong in the technical field.

  • You know how to set up a research plan prior to the beginning of a project.

  • You are familiar with all different kinds of research methodologies like setting up surveys face-to-face interviews with stakeholders, field research, mapping stakeholders relations, competitors analysis, tracking market trends, conducting an ergonomic & anthropometric study, analysing existing technologies & manufacturing production techniques, legal research, browse patent databases & regulations, ...

  • You document all your findings into a thorough design brief for further ideation and concept development. 


  • Full-time contract (40 hours): 20 days of legal leave + 12 ADV days. 

  • Part-time (⅘) is negotiable.

  • Meal vouchers.

  • DKV hospitalization insurance with the option to add family members.

  • Bike allowance.

  • Laptop.

  • Cell phone subscription.

  • A fresh and healthy lunch every day.

  • Bicycle lease is negotiable.

  • Yearly budget for relevant courses/training.

  • Share in the company.

  • Annual collective bonus based on accomplished profits.

Interested? Send your portfolio, resume and motivation to