A sketch is worth a thousand words!


As product designers we know what it means to communicate an idea. Our sketching techniques and skills to visualise and communicate our dreams and thoughts. We believe sketches are the best way to start constructive conversations regarding new innovative ideas.

Shape your idea!

The process:

1. It remains your idea - We confirm that the person submitting below form remains the sole owner of all shared information.

2. Fill in the form bellow - Please share with us as much information as you are able to, so we can truly understand your business and the challenges you are confronted with.

3. Conference call to discuss the result - You’ll receive a personalised idea sketch that we discuss during a 15 à 30 minutes conference call.

If you feel more comfortable discussing this in person, please send an email to vincent@edmire.design or call Vincent +32(0)473/62.98.90

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