Play with light & save energy.


A playful strategy

With PLAY we wanted to create a sub-brand or product category brand under the SLV brand umbrella to attract people to market entry smart home technologies. We use the Brand Key Tool to extract the brand DNA from the insights gathered during research.


A colourful identity.

The logo refers to the mood vibes that the PLAY collection will provide. The colours give a joyful feeling. Between the layers, extra shadows create depth and reflect to shadows created by the light. The logo communicates ‘effortless’ and/or ‘joyful’ as main values to the identity concept. The name play also refers to the same core values.


A straight-forward collection

The big idea behind this collection design is to surprise unexpectedly, as does the whole brand. Simple shapes, simple colours, simple story … yet interesting enough to question the principles. This collection is based on indirect light principle reflected by a large curved disc. The challenge in this luminary design is to define the exact curvature of the reflecting surface to optimise the output and eliminate all shadow areas.