Evolution is improvement,

revolution is getting rid of the obsolete!

We love revolutionary ideas that can change the world. That’s why we partner with startups. This hunger for change is what drives our team every day.

We believe when starting an adventure, you need the right team to bring you to the top of your mountain. Our job is supporting that team with the skills needed in each phase of your development, making sure we do everything in our power so you can reach your goal.


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>> On April 30th we are @ Startit Antwerp! <<

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Through our partnership with STARTIT@KBC we give all their active startups a 2h free consulting session.

This 2h session is tailor made and will discuss topics such as brand strategy, product strategy, MVP, product pricing, product manufacturing, concept & ideation, sustainability, …

Since we are looking to help you, we want to know what our added value is to your project.

Our process.


use our startup toolbox.


Future Trends

This tool helps small and large groups to identify key transformative trends over the next three years.

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Stakeholder Mapping

In combination with the Customer Journey mapping this tool gives you great insights in your stakeholders.

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Customer Journey

This tool helps you to figure out the journey your customer is making from first point of interaction.

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Brand Key

This tool is an excellent tool to define your brand DNA and find your uniqueness.

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some cases.

CASE Astrobot: robotics

CASE Astrobot: robotics

CASE For Good: sustainable brand design

CASE For Good: sustainable brand design

CASE Erric: wearables

CASE Erric: wearables

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