Help yourself with these essential tools.

We offer a selection of essential tools our team uses on a daily basis. These tools will help you make big steps forward in your design or innovation project. For the moment we have a selection of research tools, brand strategy tools and sustainable design tools. Have more essential tools we are missing out on? Please let us know about them.

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research tools.


Future Trends

This tool helps small and large groups to identify key transformative trends over the next three years.

© Hyper Island


5 Whys

This simple and powerful method is useful for getting to the core of a problem or challenge.

© Hyper Island


Customer Journey

This tool helps you to figure out the journey your customer is making from first point of interaction.

© Edmire.Design


Stakeholder Mapping

In combination with the Customer Journey mapping this tool gives you great insights in your stakeholders.

© Edmire.Design


brand strategy tools.


Brand Key

This tool is an excellent tool to define your brand DNA.

© Edmire.Design


Brand Positioning Map

Compare your brand positioning to your competitors.

© Keller


Brand Identity Prism

shows how to build a strong brand story based on six important facets

© Kapferer


Ansoff Matrix

This tool can be applied to identify growth strategies for your company.

© Ansoff


sustainable design tools.


Impact Matrix

Define your product’s social, natural and economic impact.

© Edmire.Design


Circular Business Model

Develop your business model from a circular design perspective.

@ Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Material Selection

Choose the right materials for your new circular design.

@ Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Define Your Challenge

Articulate and frame what circularity challenge you want to solve

@ Ellen MacArthur Foundation


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