Book a mini-workshop.


Take the first step in reducing your environmental impact and book your mini-workshop.


Our mini-workshop consists of 3 phases:

1. preparation phase

During a phone/skype call, we’ll define the outline of your challenge.
Based on this, our team will make a selection of tools that we’ll be using during our workshop.
In preparation of the actual workshop, you prepare the project brief.

2. workshop (2h)

1. Briefing: you brief the problem. We’ll take some time to discuss & refine.
2. Creative phase: we’ll explain the tools we’ll use to brainstorm about possible solutions to the problem
3. Conclusion: we’ll make up a draft conclusion together

3. result

 You’ll receive your personalised toolbox & mini-audit report by mail.


Web-based or at the Edmire HQ.


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